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The Ferment boilies are the latest addition to our baits; ingredients include a number of different yeasts, CSL, extracts from the beer/liquor industry and the inclusion of a number of crustacean meals. In addition, the boilies contain optimum levels of a unique blend of liquid feed consisting of tuna, CSL and fermented wheat liquid. The result is a bait that has a hint of a crab and yeast type aroma.

As with our other carp fishing boilies the Ferment has a dedicated layered bait system, that contains a high concentration of the base mix ingredients. Not just one but multiple layers can be applied to both hook baits and freebies. Our layers system is unique in that it can be applied to a KG of boilies at a time using a water spray bottle and plastic container. Is it effective? Look at our Facebook page to see some of the recent carp captures achieved during Field testing. It is not an edge it’s a complete game changer!

Price; £7.99 per Kg direct from Pilgrim Baits Ltd, minimum order 5 Kg.

P&P Up to £20Kg = £9.99

Ferment Boilies

Ferment Boilie Result

July 28, 2016

So here is the result of this weeks overnighter, a new lake record Common. Simply one of the most immaculate fish I have ever caught! I fished a K2 matching pop up amongst a scattering of layered K2 and Ferment free offerings. To an area I had seen a fish top on my second lap of the lake, just 2 rod lengths off the bank. 45 minutes later I slipped the net under this chunk.

Over 80lb of Carp

June 08, 2016

A large bed of Ferment and K2 boilies resulted in the capture of a brace totalling over 80 lb during a visit to a public lake in France.

Big Common Carp

November 17, 2016

Chris with an immaculate common carp caught on Ferment boilies from a Public venue in the South of France, this was the biggest of a number of carp on the 'little black ones' as he calls them.

Army Champs

September 06, 2017

Congratulations to all of the members of the Royal Logistics Corp Carp Team. Out catching the other teams for the second year in a row. They have been crowned the Army Inter Corps Champions. Well deserved chaps, good bait in capable hands, it was game over from the start. Note the prize was donated by Dynamite, but they used Pilgrim Baits to win.

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