Liquid Liver
Liquid Carp Feed
Krill Liquid
Boilies soaked in Krill Hydrolysate

Pilgrim Baits Liquid Liver Hydrolysate is possibly the best liquid liver available, it is high in amino acids and an absolutely brilliant carp fishing stimulant. Like our other liquid feeds it great when used in a spod mix and layered onto boilies, which will make them far more attractive than standard boilies. Liquid liver has been used in carp fishing baits for a number of decades, however we believe we have the smelliest, strongest version n the market.


Our liquid liver is great at any time of the year and a good Winter addition to your baits as it is water soluble i.e. it will not congeal like most oil based products. It is a great complement to our Fungi Boilies as they contain a great yeasty type ingredient called brocacel, a product that has been kept quiet by some of the major bait companies for years.

Its a great base mix additive at around 30 - 16 ml per kg.