Liquid Krill

Liquid Krill
Krill Liquid
Boilies soaked in Krill Hydrolysate

It is well known that liquid krill is amongst the best feed stimulants that you can incorporate into boilies, the amount cannot be overdone as it is a high-quality liquid feed made from Antarctic krill. It is one of the most abundant marine creatures in the seas and is the main diet of some of the worlds largest animals such as whales.

It is extremely attractive to carp, hence the reason most of the bait companies selling quality products will have a recipe that contains krill. It is extremely nutritious for the carp and is high in protein, omega 3 and vitamins. It has been proven in aquaculture trial that krill can increase feed intake and is beneficial to growth. Its nutritional profile is second to no other liquidised feed, if you were to add only one liquid feed to your boilies then this would be the one that is recommended.

Post harvesting the krill is mashed and treated with an enzyme process that creates a liquid hydrolysate that is thick and water soluble.

Krill liquid can be used in making boilies at any inclusion level, you cannot overdo it, in fact soaking your boilies in liquid krill will enhance your boilies and make them far more attractive to carp. Krill liquid can be used all year as it is water soluble therefore does not congeal like oil-based liquids. To say liquid krill is a great additive would be an understatement!