Carp Fishing Baits - Liquid Feeds
Krill Liquid
Corn steep liquor carp fishing feed
Hemp oil liquid carp fishing feed

Pilgrim baits are a supplier a number of the best liquid feed ingredients known to stimulate the carp receptors and provide them with a valuable food source, hence the reason we include these carp fishing liquids as a separate product that can be used as liquid feed attractants to our boilie range. The liquid feeds we supply include:


Krill Liquid

Pure krill liquid feed is among the most attractive feed/food source liquids that can be incorporated into a boilie or used as a soak.

Liquid Liver for Carp Fishing

Our variant is a dense, pure form of chicken livers, possibly the richest/high value and purest of any of the liquid liver foods on the market.

Liquid Fungi Carp feed

This carp fishing pure liquid feed is a combination of several different liquids including yeasts, N Butric acid, brocacel, tiger nut extract, corn steep liquor, liquid liver, hemp extract plus a few additions that we would rather keep to ourselves.

Hemp liquid for Carp Fishing

What more needs to be said about this  carp fishing feed liquid? It has long been known that hamp and liquid hemp is amongst the best known feed stimulants to carp. Pilgrim baits supply the finest pure hemp grade oil.