Layers Boilies
Boilie layr, leyering boilies.

As the originator of this technique is the founding member here at Pilgrim Baits, its fair to say we know more than most and have been employing this method for over 18 years both in the UK and abroad with great results.


The system is a process of adding both powder and liquid food attractors to our already highly attractive baits. Resulting in an incredibly strong food signal being emitted from the baits on contact with water.


The addition of some top-secret ingredients means that unlike many other imitations attempted by other companies our system will last up to 16 hours in the water.

The huge advantage of this process is that none of the nutritional benefits of the ingredients are lost in the cooking process and our active ingredients will begin to pull in carp instantly.   

Layers Mix £9.99 per kg (apply to your own boilies)

How to ayer boilies.
Layerz boilies