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Our krill boilies are named K2 for a variety of reasons, first and foremost due to them containing both liquid krill and the highest quality powdered krill i.e. they contain 2 forms of krill, pure liquidized and pure krill powder . This ingredient can only be included into a boilie at certain levels due its tendency to make boilies float i.e. when the level is too high. However, if several heavier ingredients are combined into the mix such as Robin Red and corn steep ingredients a higher concentration of krill can be included. Our boilies contain the maximum amount of krill that can be incorporated into a mix; which is important as carp absolutely adore this super food.

Krill meal and liquid when added to a base mix at maximum amounts tend to turn a bait dark red (see images, and note the colour of our krill boilies), and when other expensive ingredients are included such as Robin Red, yeasts and several under the counter specials the result is a dark red almost brown boilie. When liquid krill, Robin Red and Yeasts are added at over 60 mils per KG, the result is an extremely rich and highly digestible bait that will catch anywhere.

To say they are a high-quality boilie would be an understatement, in the first year since release many of the Pilgrim Baits testers have had their best season ever. Our boilies were not developed for the commercial market they were developed for us, as we were struggling to find boilies that included the best ingredients at the maximum amounts. It stands to reason that a small company with low overheads can include higher percentages of the best ingredients as they don’t need to make so much profit due to minimum overheads, equals more of the best ingredients at a lower price.

Price; £7.99 per Kg direct from Pilgrim Baits Ltd, minimum order 5 Kg at £39.99.

10 Kg = £65

20 Kg = £120

P&P Up to £20Kg = £9.99

Awsome Krill

December 30, 2017

Rob's results speak dividends, in 2017 he has landed over 100 English carp to upper 30s, with the majority over 20 lbs. He did quite well in France landing many 20,30 and 40 lb carp. His method? Solid bags using the Pilgrim Baits Krill bag mix, a layered hook bait or pop up injected with liquid Krill.

K2 Boilies

January 01, 2020

Well done to a new PB for Mr Paul Webber and a weeks angling which saw over 2000lbs of Carp banked using our K2 boilies from Etang d Or a venue well worth checking out.

Krill Result

April 08, 2016

One very happy young lad, first time out and a new PB lower 20 for a 5 year old! It was part of a nine fish haul when his grandfather gave him some K2 Krill Boilies and layers. He layered the boilies with our dedicated Krill Layers system.

K2 Krill and Layers

December 10, 2016

West Country carper Steve Hill had a right result during a trip to a lake in France. We are not sure what the total number of carp caught, but are reliably informed it was a lot, with a number of 30s and 40s to upper 40 lb. Great result for a great angler, keep em coming Steve.

Cotswolds Carp

January 13, 2016

Kyle Woodage with one of the best looking Carp on the Cotswold Water Park taken on our K2 boilies in the depths of winter just check those colours out

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