Layered Baits - Fungi
How to make boilies better.
Carp fishing baits with a difference.
Secret carp bait ingredients such as Brocacel.

The Fungi boilie layers contains 11 different highly attractive ingredients including the under the counter special Brocacel, which has been on the need to know list for many years and is one of the key ingredients in a number active baits. In addition to the brocacel, the Fungi layers contains a balance of minerals, proteins and feed stimulants. It is named Fungi as yeasts are a type of fungus, we were in two minds whether or not to release the fact the we are using Brocacel in our baits, but we have and the secret ingredient is now for sale through Pilgrim Baits, see our ingredients page.

Layering boilies in this way is not a new concept, one of the bait gurus at Pilgrim Baits was layering boilies back in 2004 -2007 and even described them within a number of articles in Carp World magazine over 12 years ago, now a number of companies have tried to copy the concept but not quite perfected it to the extent we have, after all we have had over 12 years of experience to get it right.


How to Make Layerd Boilies


Liquid Krill

Water in a fine spray bottle if you have one, if not water in any receptacle will suffice

K2 Krill Boilies

Pilgrim Baits Layers system

Container (size dependent on how many layered boilies you intend to make)

Layering Baits

1. Place the K2 Krill boilies into a tub or bucket 

2. Mix 50/50 of water and Pilgrim Baits Krill liquid (the amount differs on the amount of boilies you intend to layer).

3. Place enough of the mixed water/krill liquid into the tub, ensure it is just enough to give the boilies a wet surface, not swimming in the liquid.

4. Place enough Krill layers into the bucket to coat the boilies

5. Shake the bucket/receptacle until all boilies have an even layer

6. After 30 second to minute of shaking the boilies will have a Krill layers

7. To apply additional layers, separate the boilies from the layers and repeat the process, being carefull not to apply too much water to the layers baits.

8. Once you have built sufficient layers leave the finished product in the layers powder in the bucket as it will reduce the changes of the boilies sticking together.

The Fungi layered baits system contains the following ingredients:

  • 3 x different protein powders

  • Brocacel yeast

  • Hemp flour

  • Tigernut flour

  • Liver powder

  • Blue cheese powder

  • Biocell yeast

  • Coconut flour

  • Fibre

  • Vegetable extracts

  • A number of specials