Flouro Pop Up Boilies
Liquid Krill
Pink pop ups
flouro purple pop up boilies
White pop up boiies

Piligrim Baits flouro pop ups will stay bouyant for over 100 hours, our pop up boilies are tested in both warm and cold water. At present we have flouro white, purple and pink in 15 mm diameter.  They are ideal for single hookbait fishing, alternateky they are grea toppers for snowman rigs.

They are available in 3 colours and  two flavours K2 Crab and Maple and Fungi which has a yeasty/milky type aroma. They are not just a pop mix with a flavour they include our proven attractors.


 They come in all the same proven flavours as the 15mm and 20mm versions and have been created using the best Fluro hookbait technology so that they are dazzlingly bright and packed full of strong, fish attracting, aromas. In addition we have added a scopex flouro white pop up to the range, which are great for single hook bait fishing.