Pilgrim boilies Fungi
Pilgrim baits k2 carp
Pilgrim Baits K2 boilies
Pilgrim baits bobbins
Pilgrim baits K2 boilie
Pilgrim bait Fungi
Peach mirror carp
Pigrim baits K2 boilies
PB mirror carp
Mirror Piglrim baits Fungi
Mirror K2 boilie Pilgrim baits
Mirror carp on K2
Melting hook baits
Melties layers
Mirror carp boilies layers
Melties K2 Fungi
Meling baits K2

Here you can view but a few of the carp caught on Pilgrim Boilies until now we have remained a company that has only supplied to a small group of carp anglers, now we are offering our carp baits to all.

Carp Baits - Krill - K2 - Yeast