Yeast boilie
Zip lin K2 boilie
Yeast K2 Krill
Yeast baits
yeast baits K2
Yeast and krill
Winter carp K2
Winter carp K2 Boilies
The krill boilies
The krill with more krill
The krill baits
Sunset carp lake
Upper 30 K2
We are the Pilgrims Master - CARP
West country boilies
Weed method, pop up down Pilgrim Baits Fungi
Sponsors Army team
Sunset carp venue
Scenic lake
Scenic lake carp
Public lakes France
Pop ups
Pop up with layers
Pop up on Krill baits
Pop up down method
Placing baits
Pop up down carp method
Pop up down method K2
Plated mirror carp
Pilgrims master boilie
Pilgrim sweatshirt

Here you can view but a few of the carp caught on Pilgrim Boilies until now we have remained a company that has only supplied to a small group of carp anglers, now we are offering our carp baits to all.

Carp Fishing Boilies