Pure Hemp Oil
Carp fishing pur cold comprssed hemp oil
Hemp oil for carp fishing baits
Glug your boilies in hemp oil for exta attraction

Pilgrim Baits pure hemp oil is cold pressed in order to retain that maximum amount of nutrition within the liquid, it is rich in vitimins, minerals and omega 3 and is well know to be an antioxidant, and is used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Many of the countries biggest cap have succumbed to a bait containing hemp or hemp oil, it is used in its powder form in many boilies mixes, including our Fungi, it is an awesome feeding stimulant as an oil and is a must have ingredient within spod or bag mixes. Due to it being an oil it is not water soluble therefore is PVA friendly, try injecting hemp oil into a sold bag to make it even more irresistible to the carp. Even though many bait companies describe hemp oil as an attractor it can be argued that no oils are attractors to carp due them not being water soluble, therefore questionable whether or not carp can detect the smell, instead we believe carp simply love the taste of hemp and hemp products and once tasted they often want more.

Due to hemp oil being a feed you there is no limit on the amount to use in a base mix, spod mix or for coating boilies.