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Our aim is to develop carp fishing boilies that utilise the best ingredients and the optimum amounts. The Fungi boilies represent the birth of a new concept. Developed around the same high-quality base mix as our K2 boilie, the fungi has been inspired by yeasts and their undeniable attractiveness to all fish, carp included.

Yeasts have long been used at low inclusion rates in the bait industry until now! We have taken the concept further and have included both active and inactive yeasts, alongside kelp, liver, GLM and some classic carp catchers in hemp, tiger nut, vanilla, coconut and black pepper. This gives the bait a deep, yet rich profile with a sweet vanilla under tone.

Liquid additives have been included at the highest possible rates, these include. Pure chicken livers, hemp oil, scopex, CSL, cheese flavour, krill hydrolysate and N butyric acid.

The result is an exceptionally high-quality bait which is highly digestible and until now an unseen entity. All of the Pilgrim Baits Boilies have dedicated liquid feeds and layer systems, you will notice above that our unique layering system can take a standard 16mm boilie to up to 30 mm with our layer mixes. It is of note that layered boilies are not a new concept, it was first published in Carp World by one of the directors of Pilgrim Baits around 2006.

Price; £7.99 per Kg direct from Pilgrim Baits Ltd, minimum order 5 Kg.

P&P Up to £20Kg = £9.99

Big Carp Hit

May 09, 2016

What a session for Michael Gussy Wilson, a four fish haul, including two over 50lbs, topped by a new PB in the form of this 58lbs 12oz mirror. The winning combination being a Fungi wafter, coated in Goo, mounted on a Ronnie rig, comprising of a size 8 Korda Kurv shank. Fished to a clear patch in the weed. Great angling and thanks for putting your faith in the bait?

Fungi Boilies & System

March 15, 2016

Over 100 carp above 20 lb loads of 30s and a handful of 40s to one of the directors of Pilgrim Baits during testing of the Fungi System.

Holybush Carp Lake

June 08, 2016

Head bailiff Tony Cadd with two hands full of scaley perfection taken on one of our Fungi wafters fished over a bed of matching boilies.

Common Carp

April 08, 2016

Big common carp seem to adore fungi boilies; we suspect it is due the high concentration of hemp, tiger nut meal, pea extracts, and truffe oil ingredients. Truffle oil I hear you say? Yes this is amongst the most expensive foods on earth; during tests we have found that Common carp and the aroma hence the reason our Fungi is possibly the only boilie that is truly irresistible to the common carp and equally attractive to mirror carp.

Big Common Carp

November 17, 2016

What a way to start a session by landing the lakes biggest Common Joe fished a Fungi wafter over a bed of boilies and particles he has another three under his belt and counting

Rainbow Lake Common Carp

May 03, 2016

Dylan Whybrow with this absolute enormadonnnnn of a Common carp from the mighty Rainbow Lake, which pulled the scale all the way to 74lbs on Fungi boilies.

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