Carp Fishing Boilies
Boilies from Plgrim Baits
Nut aboiliesd yeast based boilies
Our kill boilies contin Robin Red a well as krill

Pilgrim Baits range of carp fishing boilies have been tested over a long period of time, nearly three years at the time of writing, during this time we have tweaked and made amendments to our boilies until they were just right. We are now confident that we have some unique baits that will take the market to another level but whilst retaining lower than average prices.

The boilies were tested on many different venues in the UK and abroad, they have been used in many carp fishing matches and subsequently responsible for winning several completions.

Our range is not extensive, we only supply the highest quality innovative baits, for example our krill boilies named K2 krill boilies contains many of the best-known carp catching ingredients and some under the counter specials. It not only contains krill at the optimum amount but also, Robin Red, several yeasts, liver, spices, proteins, squid livers, liquid robin red and a large dosage of liquid krill.

Take a look at our gallery to see just how many big carp have been caught on Pilgrim Baits boilies during testing.

Price; from 5.99 per kg for orders over 30 kg


Up to 30 kg £7.99 per Kg


Direct from Pilgrim Baits Ltd, minimum order 5 Kg.

One of the Worlds biggest common carp

May 20, 2016

There e few common carp in the World that can match the splendour of this huge beast from the Legendary Rainbow lake in France. The pair went onto have a good hit of big carp with a number of 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s to this brute of a common weighing in at 74lb. The bait that gave them an edge was Fungi boilies, a combination of several nut meals, yeasts, hemp meal, cheese & cream extracts plus over 60 mil of liquidised feed per kg, including squid livers, Corn Steep Liquor and extracts from the distillery industry.

K2 Boilies outfish all other baits at Hollybush

June 08, 2016

What a season for Rob, fishing a blend off all three of the boilies he has taken waters by storm and top rod on some of the countries well known fisheries; this dark old carp was caught from Hollybush lakes and fell to K2 boilies.

Layerd Carp Fishing Boilies

November 17, 2016

Pilgrim Baits Rob with one of many big hits of Leney carp caught o a variety of boilies from the range, almost all of the carp fell to layered baits, an absolute great edge. If you have not tried our layers its about time you did, they are a game changer. Our layered boilies are unique in the we supply you with the layers mix whereupon the angler can build up as many layers as required.

Army Carp Champions

September 06, 2017

Congratulations to all of the members of the Royal Logistics Corp Carp Team. Out catching the other teams for the second year in a row. They have been crowned the Army Inter Corps Champions. Well deserved chaps, good bait in capable hands, it was game over from the start. Note the prize was donated by Dynamite, but they used Pilgrim Baits to win.

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