Liquid Feeds - Fungi
Liquid Carp Feed
Krill Liquid
Boilies soaked in Krill Hydrolysate

Our Fungi liquid carp feed is a blend of several of the most attractive liquidised feeds known to the carp bait industry and a few liquids that are not so well known! It has a cheesy, liver yeast type of aroma and the carp absolutely adore the stuff. A great was to improved the attractiveness of free offerings and hook baits is to douse your boilies a few days before fishing and shake occasionally, the liquid feed will absorb into the boilie, the natural attractors will not only give of a strong signal but taste great to the carp, it is rich, highly digestible and high in proteins and amino acids. 

The exact content is a closely guarded secret, however we are prepared to name a few of the liquid feeds in the fungi blend, liquidised chicken livers, corn steep liquor, blue cheese, yeasts and some we don't want to name. It is water solouble therefore is great 12 months of the year.