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Bespoke carp fishing boilies and bait development encompassing the most sophisticated blend of carp fishing bait ingredients, only the very highest quality attractants are included within our baits, and many our sourced by us in order to supply you with unique baits.

To say they are innovative would be an understatement; the fact that we sell direct ensures that we able to produce the most sophisticated carp baits at a fraction of the main bait companies costs - result is a far superior boilie for less cost!


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Carp Fishing Baits - We Are The Pilgrims, Always a Little Further
Carp Baits Direct

Our blends are totally unique, with many ingredients being sourced via our partners within the fish feed and aquaculture scientific industry. We are not the run off the mill bait company offering similar boilies, our baits are bespoke design that are based on the highest nutritional value for carp - we are Pilgrims, always a little further.

Due to supplying direct we are able to provide carp food/boilies at a quality that the mainstream cap bait companies are not able to match due to their expensive overheads. The result for us is a far higher inclusion rate of the highest quality ingredients; for example, the average krill boilie contains approximately 5-10 percent of the raw ingredient; our krill baits contain a staggering 15 percent, plus an additional 10 percent of yeast (no name); an ingredient that has been on the secret list for a number of years. We believe we are the first commercial company to make this product available for direct sale to the bait industry.  If you are a developer of your own baits then you would be foolish not to include this product; carp absolutely adore the stuff - we supply the boilies in 5 kg bags.


Testimony to our successful baits is highlighted by the amount of captures in comparison to the small number of users; we even have a British Army carp fishing team using our baits, and winning competitions.

Our business aims are:

  • To provide the highest quality boilies, liquid feeds and layered baits at minimum profit, just enough to sustain a bait business. The net result facilitates production of unique blends with minimal overheads i.e. we develop higher quality products than many of the major suppliers due to us having low overheads, therefore all monies go back into development, providing you with higher quality boilies!


  • To include a higher percentage of the best known (and some unknown) ingredients in our baits than others cant afford due to their overheads.


  • To provide a direct personal service, whereupon we can advise on the application of carp baits to our customers.

• Krill, Yeast, Nut Boilies

• Dedicated and Flouro Pop Ups

• Krill, Yeast Liquid carp food

• Layered Hook Baits/freebie layers

• Melties Hook bait Layers

• Active Boilies - Activity Induced Fermentation

• Bespoke Boilie Development

Innovative Boilies

• Unique Blend of Boilie Ingredients

• Ultra Digestible

• Bespoke Blends for Maximum Digestibility

• Scientifically Balanced

• No Ariffical Preservatives

• Fast Breakdown (preferred by Fishery Owners and Angler) No More Rotten Boilies on The Lake Bed)

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